Black Mold Health Risks

Mold is one the most common things found in homes. While most types of mold are not dangerous to your health, the presence of black mold can be very dangerous to your health. It can affect almost every system of your body and can even cause you serious health problems. Some conditions may even cause death if not treated immediately. Black mold is a form of fungus and it can grow on almost anything such as walls, clothing, carpeting, insulation and walls.

There are many black mold health risks. Some black mold symptoms that you may immediately experience after being exposed to black mold are coughing, sneezing, nose mucus and other flu like symptoms. You may also develop rashes and have problems with your breathing. If you have more a prolonged exposure to black mold then you may experience some black mold health effects. Some of these health effects can include problems with your organs or memory problems. You may have blood pressure problems, stomach and urinary problems, and it can even affect your mood swings. You may start to have more allergy and sinus infections than before. It also can cause irritation in your eyes and nose.

Black Mold Health Risks

Many people who have been exposed for prolonged periods have developed asthma and lung or skin infections. You may also contract black mold toxicity which is deadly to your health if not treated immediately. It can include very serious black mold health risks including headaches, sore throat, and dizziness or nausea. If it is breathed in for a long time it may take over your organs and can even grow in the them. All of your organs are susceptible to this including your heart. It can also damage your veins and cause internal bleeding. Cancer has even been proven to be caused by some types of mold. Black mold can even cause headaches, congestion, and increasing occurrences of nose bleeds. This is generally an indication that you have inhaled black mold. There are even some black mold health effects to your reproductive system. It may be able to attack the uterus and ovaries and make it harder for women to conceive babies. A pregnant woman’s fetus can also have medical problems if the mother is exposed to black mold. If you think you have exposure to black mold, it is best to seek the care of a physician as soon as possible.

Don’t Ignore The Health Risks Of Black Mold

Black mold is very dangerous and if you think that you may have black mold it is vital that you get it removed. There are so many black mold health risks so it it best to have air quality testing done so that it can confirmed that you have it. Once it has been determined that you have black mold it is vital that you have a black mold removal done. They are many types of mold removal products out there. You can purchase several products in stores for mold removal or you can use bleach and water to remove it. You may also opt to have a professional come in and remove all of the black mold from your home.