Black Mold Symptoms

Inhalation or physical contact with black mold can result to a series of black mold health effect characterized by a variety of symptoms. Black mold symptoms range from mild to severe reactions or illnesses that are potentially lives threatening. Many of the most common black mold symptoms are not easy to distinguish from some of the common illnesses such as cold, flu or allergies. Unlike these common illnesses, symptoms that arise out of black mold exposure can persist for very long especially if one remains in constant contact with the mold. In fact, these symptoms are known to grow worse and in some cases leading to more severe ailments. This article will hence discuss some of the common health effects and symptoms of exposure to black mold.

Exposure to black mold is known to cause poisoning even in people who do not have allergies. This poisoning originates from compounds known as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). These compounds result to damages in the human nervous system as well as the respiratory system. The compounds are also known to cause irritation to the human mucous membranes. This hence presents some of the few reasons as to why people should learn to identify the common symptoms of black mold poisoning.

Respiratory Problems Are The Most Common Black Mold Symptoms

Black Mold Symptoms

The Symptoms Of Black Mold

Perhaps one of the most common black mold symptoms is difficulties in breathing. This is characterized by a lot of coughing which despite having serious effects on asthmatics can also lead to asthma. This is because the lungs can sense contamination which prevents them from performing at their optimum and hence try to get rid of already inhaled black mold pores. In severe cases of black mold exposure, the poisoning might even lead to bleeding in ones lungs.

Another very common symptom of exposure to black mold is skin reactions. Even with the slightest exposure, most people especially those who are allergic to black mold develop hives and rashes.

Individuals that are exposed to black mold also experience runny and itchy air ways as well as noses as another black mold symptom. These is different from what people experience when they have a cold and one can feel that it results from irritation. If your runny nose is characterized by thin mucus, this is a clear indication that the body is trying to get rid of inhaled spores. This irritation might even spread to the eyes as well as other body parts.

In some cases, some of the black mold health effects include aches and pains. This especially includes headaches and muscular aches which are very common after exposure to black mold. The aches might persist until the body gets rid of the poles or until one moves away from the black mold infested region.

High dosages of black mold inhalation also cause nausea as well as digestive problems. Continued exposure leads to problems in the urinary track. This might even lead to infertility, irregular blood pressure as well as organ damage.

For adults and infants who have a compromised or delicate immune system, the health effects of black mold are much more severe as they can even turn out fatal. For infants, black mold pores cause a lot of internal damage to their internal organs leading to internal bleeding and eventually death.

Seek Professional Help If You Are Experiencing Black Mold Symptoms In Your Home

If in any case you live in a mold infested house or region, it is the high time that you consulted a doctor to check on the extent of the poisoning that you might have incurred. Other than this, it is also the high time that you consulted black mold removal professional if at all you do not want to continue exposing your self and your loved ones to the danger of black mold. For those who might feel that consulting a black mold removal company or professional is too expensive, there are a lot of black mold removal products available in the stores which can be of much assistance in getting rid of black mold.

In conclusion, it is always important to always remember that black mold symptoms are hard to distinguish from those of other common illnesses such as cold, flu and allergies. This is in addition to the fact that black mold symptoms can result to serious health problems not to mention that they can be potentially fatal. It is therefore important to know how to identify black mold symptoms as well as go for that black mold removal product or black mold removal professionals to help clean up any black mold in your compound.