Black Mold Removal is Must for a Healthy Home

There are more than 9,8000 varieties of mold in the world, with the black mold being the most dangerous in terms of damage that it can inflict. Black mold (Strachybotrysatra) is a mold that leaves obvious looking green, brown or black stains on your ceilings or walls. If you suspect you may have a mold problem at your home, you need to immediately seek help for black mold removal.

Mold grows in the places where there is adequate light, moderate temperature and moisture. Black mold is responsible for various respiratory problems in humans, especially in babies. They also contribute to bronchitis and asthma in people who get exposed to black mold. As per the study by Center for Disease Control, black mold can cause 100 different types of lung problems. Black mold can easily become air borne and for this reason, it adversely affects the lungs of people.

Pregnant women, children and elders are most susceptible to various infections caused by the black mold. There are numerous other black mold health effects that can aggravate if remedial measures are not taken in time. A house, which is infested with the black mold is not a safe and healthy place. Though it is not possible for you to totally keep them out of your house, but you at least minimize their presence. Black mold removal is one of the most important part of maintaining a healthy environment at home.

Molds thrive in places where there is ample moisture, right amount of light and moderate temperature. They love to grow on clothes, carpets, walls, food or any other surface where there are right conditions for their growth. For this reason, black mold health problems are so common.

So, how can you find that you have mold in your house?

Black Mold Removal

Black Mold Removal

Dampness and moisture on any surface does not mean that there will definitely be a mold growth there. However, this is surely a good sign that there could be a mold problem. Another sign is the presence of yellowish stains on ceiling or walls. These stains point to the presence of some moisture, which enhances the growth of mold. Green, blackish and brownish patches indicate that black mold growth has started. Aside from this, a characteristic musty odor is usually there at the place that is infested with molds.

Black Mold Removal-Hire the professionals

All mold patches spread in an area of more than two feet need professional intervention for their effective control. A detailed laboratory analysis is a must for the detection of black mold. As there are numerous varieties of mold, the black mold removal process begins when contractor takes a sample of mold from your house for analysis to determine its type. Upon the receipt of test results, he will devise a cleanup plan. Reputable contractors use EPA approved mold removal products for black mold removal and these contractor know of ways to deal with various types of mold.

The contractor will begin by tracking down the cause of mold growth, which can be any water leakage from a broken pipe, ceiling, or any other source. He will eliminate the source of moisture and clean up the mold to prevent it from coming back. The elimination of source of leakage will prevent any future mold infestation for years.

The area where black mold removal is to be carried out is first isolated because it prevents the spread of mold to other parts of the house and can affect the occupants. Contractor also uses various protective equipment and tools such as eyeglasses, full body suits and gloves before moving ahead with black mold removal process. The professional contractor not only removes the mold that is visible to the naked eye, but also behind the walls and ceilings.

Each room in the house is cleaned separately by sealing it off before starting the cleaning process. The sealing process is done by using the duct tape for covering various openings such as vents and doors. The HVAC system is turned off before starting the black mold removal process.

The toxic black mold removal in the dry areas is done by first misting the area lightly with some water before cleaning the black mold. There are higher chances o dry old becoming air borne when disturbed. A professional contractor will clean up the affected area using a soap and will apply the black mold remover to compete the job. All the mold infected materials are then disposed off safely in the heavy duty plastic bags.