Air Quality Testing: How is the Air Affecting Your Health?

Aside from us, our home also serves as the residence of unseen organisms that may cause us harm; air quality testing protects us from the unseen harm of these organisms.

The Importance of Air Quality Testing

Air is the colorless, odorless substance vital to human survival. We may not notice it, but the quality of air in our environment greatly affects our state of health. An environment with poor air quality is related to the high incidence of respiratory diseases. Air with good quality, on the other hand, is related to good health and well-being. Air quality testing is necessary to make sure the air in our environment, especially our homes and workplace, is safe and healthy for us. Chemicals, toxic substances, and other harmful elements might be present in the air causing us certain illness.

Air Quality Testing and Sick Building Syndrome

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

The quality of air in our homes or workplace is important. Poor air quality can lead to certain illnesses that affect our everyday living and quality of life. One condition is the sick building syndrome. This condition is caused by the lack of ventilation and poor air quality in a home or building. This usually happens in structures damaged by water. Sick building syndrome is caused by the proliferation of black molds, a type of fungi that is commonly seen in residential houses and buildings. Black molds symptoms include fever, headache, rashes, coughing, sneezing, irritation of the mouth, eyes, nose and throat, headaches, and chronic fatigue. In severe cases, exposure to black molds can trigger severe allergic reactions that can be life threatening.

The presence of black molds and exposure to such does not only cause acute symptoms. In some cases, people are exposed to black molds for a long period of time. Black molds health effects include changes in the immune system and senses. Studies have shown that exposure to the toxins produced by black molds causes hypersensitivity disorders among people. Hypersensitivity disorders cause severe allergic reactions from people that are chronic; this means the person may experience the allergic reactions throughout his/her life. Furthermore, exposure to the toxins produced by black molds is also found to damage a person’s sense of smell. A study in Michigan found out that these toxins can damage the olfactory center in the brain, the structure responsible for the sense of smell. Exposure to black molds is also found to damage the lungs and cause pulmonary hemorrhage (bleeding in the lungs).

While it is entirely uncomfortable to share your home with such a harmful organism, there are ways on how to remove black molds from your home. Most people think that keeping the house clean is enough to remove black molds; this is not entirely true as cleanliness alone is not an effective black mold removal method. Using mold removal products remains to be an effective method to eradicating these fungi. Aside from these products, the use of dehumidifiers can also decrease the growth of these black molds. To ensure that your home is safe, air quality testing must also be done.